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Printable coloring pages from selected books. Color the pages to match those used in the book--or make up your own story and colors!

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You can draw Sam!

Kids love to draw Sam. In this section, step-by-step suggestions on how to draw him. Just connect the dots. It's easy!

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Sam Flashcards!

Printable flashcards for reading or spelling. Flashcards for the alphabet and other images from selected Sam books, 48 cards in all.

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Meet Sam the Dog

Sam is part beagle, part fun.  He finds interesting things to do each day.  Read each Sam book to hear about his adventures and smile with him as he gets in and out of trouble.

Sam the Dog Book Series

Sam and burgers

Sam is a hungry hound.

Sam loves burgers...and much more.  Sam is always hungry, so Sam often imagines a nice meal or delicious snack.

Find the secret picture!

One kind of fruit appears in every book.  Can you guess what it is?  Read each book and try to find it.  But don't tell anyone—it's a secret!

[Every book has a banana somewhere in the story.]

different types of fruit

Sam in doghouse

Sam is always happy in the end!

All Sam's stories end with Sam pleased with himself and his latest adventure.  Even if he finds some trouble along the way, things always end well for Sam.  Please read about Sam and enjoy for yourself!

Meet Sam's Friends

Sam met his friends at an animal shelter.  Now they join Sam on his adventures and share in the fun.

Sam's friend Mook

Mook is big and lovable.  Mook loves to swim, chase squirrels, and chew bones.

Sam's friend Mook

Sam's friend Sneaker

Sam's friend Sneaker

Sneaker is small and nervous.  Poor Sneaker is often afraid—of everything!

Sam's friend Kati

Kati cat is Sam's best friend.  When Kati found herself without a home, Sam invited her to live at his house.  Kati cat loves to talk.  She's also the one to keep the dogs in line.

Sam's friend Kati

About Mr. ChickenBiscuits

Mr CB photo
Mr. ChickenBiscuits is the author of the popular children's book series about Sam the dog, a lovable beagle mix with a penchant for fun adventures.

Who is Mr. ChickenBiscuits?

Mr. ChickenBiscuits also goes by the name of Robert (Bob) Kennedy of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, a suburb of Nashville.  Bob earned an electrical engineering degree from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro.

About Mr. ChickenBiscuits Enterprises

Mr. ChickenBiscuits Enterprises is the publishing imprint for the Sam the Dog book series.  100% of net proceeds from book sales are used to buy author copies for donations to schools, libraries and medical facilities.  If you know of a school or library that would like copies of Sam books, please let us know using the contact form.

About the name Mr. ChickenBiscuits

In the early 1990s, while leading a church Sunday School class for kindergartners and first-graders, "Mr. Bob" referred to himself as "Mr. ChickenBiscuits" just for fun—and the name stuck.  In the following years, he tried other names, but none delighted this age group quite like Mr. ChickenBiscuits.  And year after year, kids in every class always wanted Mr. ChickenBiscuits to draw Sam.

Sam is over fifty!

Bob drafted the first Sam books in the 1960s when he was still called Bobby.  Bob first wrote the books for his younger sister and brother.  Later, Bob would read them—in their rough form—to his kids.  Now retired with grandchildren, Bob has finally published the early books—and many more—over a half-century after Sam first appeared on a page!  We hope it was worth the wait.

Bob would love to hear from you—please tell him what you think of the books, the website, or anything else.  Cheers!

Contact Mr. ChickenBiscuits

Throw Sam a bone!  Please let us know what you think—about books, about the site, or whatever else is on your mind!